Aeric Walls


B.S., Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics (Colorado State University)

Aeric Walls’ background includes both hands-on and research experience with operational technology (OT), such as work in a SCADA model of Colorado’s gas system to develop a machine learning algorithm that will detect anomalies. Aeric uses this experience at Rule4 to help clients identify threats and reduce risk in OT/ICS systems, which are often overlooked when it comes to security but are increasingly targeted.

Aeric credits his mentor, Dr. Joseph Gersch, for inspiring him to be part of the next generation of cybersecurity practitioners and innovators. In response to news coverage of the increase in cyber attacks, Aeric chose cybersecurity as a career that would combine his knowledge and skills with his desire to do what’s right.

Aeric is also passionate about multiple environmental and social justice issues, chief among them fighting climate change. He uses his volunteer time to benefit the homeless, who he believes are ultimately evidence and casualties of systemic failures in housing and wealth disparity.

Away from Rule4, Aeric loves playing basketball, gaming, cooking, and hiking, and he insists that all of those activities are best when done with friends and family.

Fox Trivia

Favorite part of camping:


A quote I live by:

"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it." - Muhammad Ali

What I love about being a fox:

Working with a close-knit group of people and knowing my work is making in impact across many industries

Favorite Taco Bell menu item:


Top nerd cred:

I know the entire plot of Kingdom Hearts by heart.

Dream job in an alternate universe:

NBA player