Alana Kihn



Alana Kihn is an Associate Engineer at Rule4, where she focuses primarily on application development and application security, and helped conceptualize and launch the latest Rule4 website.

Alana began working with computers for a middle school science fair project, using an Arduino to build a child safety seat monitor, and was hooked after seeing how a little bit of hardware and some coding skills could have a real-world impact. She was introduced to cybersecurity in high school when she joined the CyberPatriot club (run under the Air Force Association), and competed against other teams to secure a mock-up of a company network and computer systems. She is passionate about cybersecurity because of the multi-dimensional challenge, and its ever-increasing importance in our digital society. Alana is also a former member of the FIRST Robotics team, where she tested her coding skills and was an active voice for diversity and inclusion.

Outside of work, Alana has many outdoor pursuits, including hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, golf, and skiing. She also enjoys mentoring for Tapestry, a theater group for children with special needs that focuses on full inclusion. But her favorite activity is hanging out with her dog, Carson.

Fox Trivia

Favorite part of camping:

Sleeping under the stars

My favorite adventure:

Traveling the coast of Iceland

A quote/mantra I live by:

"It is only in our decisions that we are important." – Sartre

Favorite dog breed:


Dream job in an alternate universe:

Fragrance chemist

Favorite author:

David Foster Wallace