Ashton Suire



The north star of Ashton Suire’s career is helping others achieve success through technology. He brings nearly a decade of tech experience to the den, most recently as an IT infrastructure manager and DevOps engineer. He was drawn into cybersecurity while assisting companies with technical audits for security and compliance related to public trading. This included work with a successful startup, where he helped build and support one of the first cannabis e-commerce online shopping platforms that incorporated an internally developed POS/seed-to-sale system. This technology developed into an integration platform for cannabis SaaS technology as the industry matured. In this role, he not only provided key technical guidance in a highly regulated and evolving environment, but also assisted on the business side with opening retail, manufacturing, and growing locations. His experience has made him highly aware of the need to consider the entire business when implementing technology.

Ashton finds inspiration everywhere, every day. His love of food and cooking has led him to volunteer with Denver Urban Gardens to help provide fresh food and farming education to communities. He is also passionate about gaming (his favorite is Dayz) and music. Originally from Louisiana, these days he enjoys spending time outside in Colorado biking, camping, hiking, and skiing. Especially skiing.

Fox Trivia

I'm a sucker for:

Fresh turns and good food

Favorite charity:

Last Prisoner Project

A life lesson I’ve had to learn more than once:

Don't wait for change, make change.

My happy place:

Hidden Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park

Favorite podcast:

History for Weirdos

Spirit animal:

Snow leopard