Ethan Puerto


B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Florida Polytechnic University); FEMA NIMS ICS

Ethan brings his passion for problem solving and entrepreneurship to Rule4; he thrives on challenging himself and helping clients solve complex issues that others shy away from. Previously, he worked as a research and development engineer and an aerospace embedded software engineer, with project highlights including drone deployment prototypes, a gimballed image and surveillance system, and a range analysis toolset. Outside the office he has several hackathon and entrepreneurship contest wins under his belt.

Ethan embraces creativity in many forms. He helped design his university’s mascot and is a self-described 3D-printing nerd. He also used to design, build, and pilot human-powered racing submarines for international competition. 

A long-time scuba diver and certified technical rescue diver, Ethan loves to challenge himself to deeper and more difficult dives. Originally from Florida, his happy place will always be under the waves, but these days he has (mostly) traded scuba diving for snowboarding and mountain biking here in Colorado. He also loves games, whether it’s in front of his monitors playing videogames with big risk-to-reward ratios or around a table with friends playing Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering.

Fox Trivia

I'm inspired by:

What comes after the hard days

Favorite video game:

Escape from Tarkov

A life lesson I've had to learn more than once:

Things don't fix themselves.

Spirit animal:


Favorite piece of outdoor gear:

My mountain bike

Dream job in an alternate universe: