George Allison


B.S., Computer Science (University of Colorado Boulder); FEMA NIMS ICS

George is a passionate technologist focused on practical solutions, and he brings diverse engineering-focused skills and experiences from his previous positions at Lumen Technologies, AppliedTrust, and the University of Colorado. 

Although he loves all aspects of cybersecurity, George is particularly enthusiastic about penetration testing because of the creativity and critical thinking required; he loves the thrill of hunting down vulnerabilities and finding a way to mitigate or manage them. The advent of IoT has also inspired George to think about security in ways he never thought possible — or perhaps ways that never should be possible.

When he’s outside, George spends time car camping, backpacking, bouldering, and hiking with his dog (Mar). He also loves to read, cook, play chess, and compete at trivia nights.

Fox Trivia

Favorite adventure:

Kayaking and camping along the Nāpali coast of Kauai

A quote I live by:

"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore." — Andre Gide

Dream job in an alternate universe:


My happy place:


Top nerd cred:

I write my own crossword puzzles and distribute them to friends and family (at their request).

Favorite charity:

The Bee Cause