Kaden Hawley


B.S., Computer Science (in progress at University of Colorado Boulder); FEMA NIMS ICS

As an Engineering Intern at Rule4, Kaden Hawley is focused on a variety of application security and development projects. He previously held internship positions at Oracle Data Cloud and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Kaden’s interest in computers began in middle school, and his interest in cybersecurity took hold when he was invited to join the Cyber Patriots club during his senior year of high school. He finds it rewarding whenever he can get an initial foothold or root a machine, and he enjoys learning about the methods used to do so. He is also interested in artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning technologies, and how they can be used to create effective blue-team tools such as antivirus software, fuzzing tools, and vulnerability scanning tools.

Outside of work and school, Kaden enjoys outdoor pursuits such as skiing, biking, and rock climbing, and indoor pursuits such as 3D animation and video synthesis, as well as playing video games, board games, and cards with friends. He is an ardent supporter of global warming awareness and pro-conservation movements.

Fox Trivia

A mantra I live by:

Fail more

Chosen career path as a kid:

Mob boss

Favorite author:

Stephen King

Favorite video game:

The Stanley Parable

Dream job in an alternate universe:

Nuclear chemist

I'm a sucker for:

Peanut M&Ms