Katie Shacklett


B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Drexel University)

Katie Shacklett’s experience is rooted in challenging communication and process improvement. A former engineer in the fiber optic industry, she established assembly lines and wrote documentation for operators in the United States, China, Mexico, and India. She also wrote quality reports for customers and management, while working closely with sales, procurement, warehouse, and accounting staff. Before shifting her career to focus on the nuances of technical communication, she spent two years teaching English as a Foreign Language online.

Katie is passionate about clear communication and documentation and believes that they provide the backbone of an efficient organization. She also has strong pro-Oxford comma feelings.

Outside of work, Katie spends time hiking with her husband and son, reading, knitting, and playing board games. She is easily persuaded to run unnecessarily long distances. A native of the Philadelphia metro area, Katie loves any wildlife sighting, from squirrels and birds to elk and foxes, but she has no desire to encounter mountain lions.

Fox Trivia

Favorite part of camping:

Waking up in the tent

Top nerd cred:

My kid's middle name is Apollo, after both the NASA missions and the Battlestar Galactica character.

A mantra I try to live by:

There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

My happy place:

Rocky Mountain National Park

Favorite piece of outdoor gear:

First aid kits

Book recommendation:

"The Martian" by Andy Weir