Rolla Campbell


B.S., Cyber Security and Information Assurance (Western Governors University), B.S., Electronic Production & Design (Berklee College of Music); ISC2 SSCP (ISC2 Associate), EC-Council Encryption Specialist (ECES), FEMA NIMS ICS

Rolla is a creative thinker, earning his first bachelor’s degree in Electronic Production and Design from Berklee College of Music before pursuing a second degree in Cyber Security. His past experience combined music and technology in both customer-facing and back-end development roles in the audio software industry. In those roles, he developed and managed databases, led application security efforts, and supported finance, operations, and marketing teams. 

At Rule4, Rolla works with clients from a broad range of industries and enjoys the variety of projects inherent to a career in cybersecurity and technology, such as penetration testing, restoring critical operations during incident response and disaster recovery, or providing secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) guidance. 

Rolla believes it’s important to break down gatekeeping in cybersecurity and programming culture, to make sure that anyone with a passion for the field is welcome. He plays his part by actively contributing to open-source learning and assists others through open forums such as Discord servers. 

A native of Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Rolla appreciates Colorado’s bounty of sunny days and adventures. Outside of work, he enjoys stressful video games and un-stressful snacks, particularly iced coffee and smiley-face French fries.

Fox Trivia

Top nerd cred:

Accumulating a human-sized server rack at home

Spirit animal:


Favorite dog breed:

Australian shepherd

Book recommendation:

“Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals” by Oliver Burkeman

My happy place:

In front of a fireplace with an unwatched season of a new show

Dream job in an alternate universe:

Potato farmer