Scott Schnieders


University of San Diego, Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering (Class of 2025); FEMA NIMS ICS

Scott’s childhood hacker aspirations have gradually shifted toward building a career in cybersecurity. He’s excited to be spending the summer sharpening his skills with the Rule4 team, where he’s helping build internal systems and tools and is learning about production environments and methods for stopping malicious actors. His previous experience includes technical and networking support for several private schools. 

Scott can often be found sharing his skills with others. He enjoys exploring Linux and experimenting with operating systems and desktop environments, and he’s interested in machine learning and is currently learning Swift and SwiftUI, which he hopes to use to develop apps for connecting local skateboarders. 

A native of St. Louis who lives in San Diego during the school year, Scott is excited to be living in Boulder for the summer, and he’s taking advantage of all that Colorado has to offer. He’s an Eagle Scout, a certified scuba diver, and a former nationally competitive volleyball player.

Fox Trivia

Favorite piece of outdoor gear:


Top nerd cred:

I built my own small-form-factor, custom looped, water-cooled gaming PC.

Spirit animal:


Dream job in an alternate universe:


A quote I live by:

"Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not." - Uncle Iroh

Book recommendation:

"Pebble in the Sky" by Isaac Asimov