AIOps is the buzzword – AI for IT operations. But what about its inverse cousin, IT operations for AI? A production-grade, fully functional ecosystem to support the use of AI/ML in your enterprise environment requires, among other things, a number of supporting subsystems:

  • Configuration management
  • Orchestration engine
  • Auto scale-up/scale-down
  • ETL
  • Data collection and ingestion
  • API gateway(s)
  • Data validation and verification
  • Cybersecurity protection (IDS, IPS, IAM, event logging, certificate management, authentication, etc.)
  • Server infrastructure (cloud, on-premise, or both)
  • Application platform scaffolding
  • Monitoring
  • Network/SDN management (VPN tunnels, routing, bandwidth management, etc.)

Without these subsystems, the core AI/ML engine (even in an IaaS/PaaS/SaaS) environment cannot exist — not to mention thrive — in a production environment.

Effective management of this collection of systems and services involves skillful instrumentation and lightning-fast root cause analysis when things go awry. Rule4 has the unique combination of experience and skills to span the breadth of this complex landscape.

Reach out to Rule4 today. We’ll make sure your AI/ML environment is backed by the best possible operational support.