Analytics Design and Implementation

Understanding the big picture in today’s complex IT environments often involves correlating data that spans multiple systems — and multiple cloud platforms. This task requires collection and analysis of telemetry from hundreds or possibly thousands of systems across the full stack (including the rapidly advancing cadre of IIoT devices), encompassing a wide array of technologies. Connecting the dots across these disparate data sources can help move the organization from a discussion around “what happened” to “why is that happening, and what can we do about it?”

The ROI on this activity is clear, however. The ability to both ask and answer those questions — and to do so effectively — improves profitability and accelerates velocity for the business units that rely on the technology stack to deliver on their mission.

Implementing a comprehensive IT analytics platform within your organization involves understanding not only the platform tools themselves, but the large array of sources that should provide input data. Rule4’s world-recognized expertise in infrastructure, systems, and cybersecurity provides the holistic expertise you need to get the job done.

Specifically, we can help with:

  • Selection and implementation of analytics platforms, including integration with machine learning (ML) engines for automated analysis
  • Prioritization and inventory of data sources
  • Effective anomaly detection
  • Data collection strategies that avoid impacting performance of production applications
  • Operational strategy for utilizing analytic data and handling exceptions
  • Long-term road map for IT transformation through the use of comprehensive analytics

Let us help your organization take the next step on the journey toward predictable, well-managed IT operations. Contact Rule4 today.