Business Continuity / COVID-19 Readiness

Business Continuity / COVID-19 Readiness

Whether addressing near- or long-term business continuity objectives, ensuring that safe and performant remote work capabilities exist to support the mission of your organization is essential.

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and transmission models for 2020 suggest periods of disruption to day-to-day operations for many organizations. These may take several forms, but indications are that remote work and a reduction in human-to-human contact to minimize viral transmission is very likely to be a suggested or mandated requirement for many organizations, whether directed by organizational, state, or national leadership.

Now is the time to act. Rule4 can help provide guidance and leadership to develop strategies and rapidly deploy/prototype remote work capabilities in addition to broader business continuity guidance. This may include:

  • Rapid solution design and implementation
  • Security risk assessments for remote work models
  • Capacity planning and analysis for remote work needs
  • Load testing and predictive performance modeling/testing
  • Infrastructure supply chain risk management guidance
  • Compensating control design for sub-optimal operating conditions
  • Use of various cloud and local solutions enabling rapid remote-work capabilities
  • Remote device posture management and control enforcement guidance
  • Ensuring ongoing adherence to mandatory standards and regulatory requirements

Whether you don’t know where to begin, have already started preparing, or simply want an opinion regarding the viability of planned or in-place methods, we’re here to help. Contact Rule4 today.