Blockchain Forensics

Blockchain Forensics

With any new technology comes new risks, abuses, crimes, and investigatory challenges. While this shouldn’t dissuade your organization from adopting and using new technologies such as blockchain, it means that planning and preparation are key. In the case of blockchain implementation, this preparation must include appropriate augmentation of incident response procedures.

While blockchain implementations generally provide mechanisms to support after-the-fact review of activities, navigating cross-chain and on/off-chain data, establishing conclusive timelines, and establishing forensically sound proof of events is a complex and specialized capability. Adequate architectural and operational planning to support appropriate data collection and retention is also a necessary piece of the puzzle.

 Your organization should have a blockchain-specific forensics and incident response process if any of the following apply:

  •  You handle cryptographic currency transactions (whether making or receiving payments).
  • You apply blockchain technology for contract, ledger, supply chain, or other mechanisms where chain integrity or on/off or cross-chain transactions and supporting processes may be called into question.
  • You implement cryptographic currency or trading systems and services.
  • You develop platforms for blockchain applications (distributed apps, smart contracts, trading platforms, etc.)
  • You have customers that you provide services to for which any of the above are true, and where you have no in-house expertise.

 Rule4 has the expertise to help you plan and prepare to integrate appropriate blockchain-specific forensics and incident response procedures into your broader incident response strategy. Contact us today.