Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy

As organizations move to digital platforms, effective cybersecurity measures are key to protecting assets — including enterprise data, customer data, reputation, and intellectual property — and the viability of the operating environment. Protecting this digital environment, which encompasses infrastructure, applications, data, and control structures, is critical. To that end, effective cybersecurity programs begin by aligning the cybersecurity strategy with the organization’s business goals. This effort must include balancing risk with functionality and convenience.

Deploying cutting-edge technology products does not necessarily result in a well-protected environment. A triad of people, processes, and technology must be applied and orchestrated in a thoughtful manner to truly achieve a reasonable level of cybersecurity protection. The guiding light for this activity is a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, often captured in a three- to five-year road map. Distilling your strategy into a formal plan with clearly defined goals and responsibilities will benefit your organization in several ways:

  • Alignment of the cybersecurity strategy with overall organization strategy
  • Prioritization of available resources, including budget
  • Clear balance of risk versus functionality/convenience for decision making
  • Integration of cybersecurity risk management with overall enterprise risk
  • Improved communication between stakeholders

Rule4’s in-depth experience with security, compliance, enterprise IT, and long-term strategic planning can help your organization develop a realistic, comprehensive strategic plan that is achievable and will have a long-term impact.

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