Environment Performance Optimization

Environment Performance Optimization

One of the most common issues we encounter is a complex application (or service) that isn’t meeting performance expectations. “It’s so slow it’s impacting our business” is a common cry.  Time is money, and performance problems are not just frustrating but also negatively impact higher-level business metrics such as customer satisfaction and profitability.

Isolating the cause of performance issues when an application involves cloud providers, telecom carriers, servers, databases, datacenters, application frameworks, and even the enterprise network/desktop layers – is no easy feat. It’s important to thoroughly understand and examine each layer of the stack to realize the most impact in the shortest time.

We believe that a quantitative, analytical approach based on the scientific method is the best method for isolating application performance issues in a complex environment. More often than not, the underlying cause is not singular, but rather is the result of multiple factors. Never satisfied until it’s as good as it can be, we dig deep into the stack to find every opportunity for improvement.

With backgrounds in application development, infrastructure, IT operations, security, and cloud technologies, our team brings an unmatched skillset to complex performance challenges. We’ll help not just identify the problems, but also recommend and implement practical, real-world solutions to solve them.

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