IIoT/OT Monitoring and Operations

IIoT Monitoring and Operations

Smart devices are everywhere, and their use is rapidly expanding in commercial and industrial settings to provide mission-critical analytical data and automation. Whether it’s industrial process control or facilities support systems such as HVAC, lighting, physical security, signage, and communications, network-connected sensors and controls have grown into a separate stack of operational technology (OT) that is often managed outside the organization.

Without monitoring and proactive operations, this OT environment is a hidden risk: it can become a black hole, leaving device status, cybersecurity profile, and lifecycle considerations neglected until a problem occurs. These gaps often result in revenue, safety, or environmental impact that could have been avoided. This challenge is compounded by the steadily increasing variety of vendors, device types, communications protocols, and proprietary standards involved.

The real-time nature of the OT environment presents different requirements and challenges than a traditional IT stack, and it requires both specialized technical background and industrial operational leadership knowledge to address. Rule4 takes a technology- and vendor-agnostic approach to providing 7×24 monitoring and operational support to the OT stack. We’ll work with your team to inventory the current environment, then develop a strategy to bring device transparency and visibility together with proactive management processes. Our deep background in embedded and control systems, scalability, and technology lifecycle management provides the foundation for unique solutions that will help your organization thrive in the Industry 4.0 world.

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