Infrastructure Scalability and Performance

Infrastructure Scalability and Performance

In an era of dynamically available infrastructure such as hyperscale cloud and software-defined networking (SDN), how do you ensure that your infrastructure is highly scalable and exceeds performance expectations, yet is responsibly managed from a cost perspective? Achieving this balance is a careful combination of art and science.

It’s easy to forget that well-formed network and application architectures are grounded in computer science principles. It is to everyone’s advantage to take a scientific approach to the infrastructure scalability and performance problem, including approaches such as deconstructing the problem into its smallest parts and — yes — the good ol’ scientific method, where hypotheses are tested and proven as true or false. Using this methodology not only helps make sound decisions for initial build-out, but also allows for easy re-validation and (if necessary) replacement of individual components as technology evolves.

Often, one or more of the following concepts can help improve the scalability and performance of an environment:

  • Load balancing/load sharing
  • Horizontal partitioning
  • Vertical partitioning
  • Queuing and batch processing
  • Parallelization
  • Predictive analytics / machine learning
  • Auto-scaling / Just-in-time resource allocation
  • Automated resource cost management
  • Strategic cache and content delivery management

Our team of highly experienced infrastructure engineers know what to apply, and when. We’ll work with your organization to evaluate the scalability and performance attributes of your current infrastructure, or we’ll interpret business requirements and design (and implement, if desired) greenfield infrastructure for new initiatives.

We’re here to help identify the best solutions for your infrastructure scalability and performance needs. Contact us today.