Serverless Strategy

Serverless Strategy

Serverless computing, or functions as a service (FaaS), abstracts where a particular component is running — or how overall resource capacity needs are satisfied — and is largely invisible to the application end-user, the application itself, and its developer. When applied properly, this approach can reduce IT operational costs, enable faster deployment of services, and improve performance for end-users.

Embarking upon a serverless path requires a cohesive strategy from the start. These key elements will help an organization succeed in this regard:

  • Decompose the application into stateless, single-purpose functions. Stateless functions are infinitely scalable and easy to test.
  • Decouple back-end logic from front-end applications. Building core business logic into the back end allows the front end to focus exclusively on interaction. This has security advantages as well.
  • Incorporate security at every layer. Good fences make good neighbors. Ensure that each and every layer is doing input validation, authentication/authorization verification, etc.
  • Establish clear visibility into every layer. Serverless doesn’t mean “magic.” Each layer must still be actively monitored.

Rule4’s deep expertise in both traditional infrastructure stacks as well as the latest containerized and serverless platforms can help your organization make the right choices and quickly reap the benefits.

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