Why we’re here

Our mission

Inspire, educate, and enable clients to securely and responsibly apply technology for the benefit of humanity.

We’re proud of our mission, and we wanted a way to prove our commitment to it. That’s why we certified as a B Corp — the only certification to measure a company’s entire social and environmental performance.

B Corps

What’s a B Corp?

Certified B Corporations are companies that are willing to put people before profit and be held to the highest verified standards of transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance. This group of like-minded, for-profit companies believes in the transformative power of business and works toward:

  • reduced inequality
  • lower levels of poverty
  • a healthier environment
  • stronger communities
  • creation of high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose 

How did you get certified?

Our founders decided that becoming a Certified B Corporation was an important early initiative to demonstrate a tangible commitment to making the world a better place. 

There was no roadmap to becoming a B Corp as a startup, as very few tech companies undertake this rigorous assessment process, much less in their first year. We were given a year of “Pending” status to achieve full certification. To do so, we had to balance the need to prioritize progress without overextending our team, and to right-size processes while still complying with the requirements of the standard. 

With a company-wide conviction that this was the right thing to do, we earned full certification within a year by surpassing and verifying a minimum score of 80 points (we’re at a 92!), becoming the first global cybersecurity-focused consultancy to undertake and achieve this prestigious designation that will guide our business for years to come.

What are some of the Rule4 practices that earned this certification?

  • 100% employee ownership
  • Excellent employee benefits
  • > 90% employee satisfaction
  • Outstanding corporate citizenship program, including partnerships with charitable organizations, donation matching, and volunteer service
  • > 1% of profit donated to charity

Why should I care?

This certification proves that we’re here to do what’s right. It holds us accountable and helps us maintain visibility into our impact on our staff, our clients, the community, and the environment. We’re proud of this commitment, and we hope you’ll recognize it as one of our many strengths.

You don’t have a supply chain. How much impact can you really have as a service provider?

As they say, every little bit counts. And we’re working in an industry that’s moving into the future at a breath-taking pace — there’s more opportunity there than you might think:

  • Helping organizations apply technology in ways that benefit humankind
  • Promoting technological well-being in the community
  • Advancing public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of various technological innovations
  • Promoting purpose-driven, transparent, and equitable corporate management

Imagine if every business focused not just on profit, but on its impact?


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