CI/CD Automation

So many clouds, so little time!

Maximizing the benefits of the multitude of readily available cloud infrastructure options is more complex than simply evaluating cost and choosing the lowest-priced cloud to meet your needs. The key is automating your continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipeline in a cloud-aware way.

This approach yields real-world benefits:
  • Accelerates deployment of new business initiatives by operationalizing the flow from concept to in-production functionality

  • Improves operational reliability and efficiency by increasing consistency

  • Reduces costs by utilizing “just enough” infrastructure “just in time”

  • Increases user satisfaction by reducing IT operational roadblocks

  • Supports hybrid-cloud strategies with a “build anywhere, deploy anywhere, anytime” approach

We wade through cloud complexity so you don't have to.

Rule4 understands that effective CI/CD pipeline automation requires tight integration with a variety of disparate technology stacks (and possibly multiple cloud providers). Our breadth of experience across platforms and at all layers of the stack — and our deep opensource tool background — allows us to easily partner with and teach your team the best way to achieve fully automated CI/CD.

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