Incident Response Planning & Exercises

There’s no time like the present. Planning now will pay later.

No organization is immune to cybersecurity threats.

Having an established and tested plan of action for a cybersecurity incident is crucial to limit cost and damage to the organization’s reputation. Often, proper response during an incident is also necessary to maintain regulatory compliance.

Our many decades of real-world experience responding to cybersecurity incidents has taught us that chewy, book-like incident response plans may provide convincing evidence for a compliance auditor but are worthless during an actual incident.

Response guidance based on best practices and lessons learned.

We focus on providing practical, time-tested response guidance that is easy to follow, focuses on reducing impact and risk, and is aligned to industry best-practice standards such as FEMA’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS).

Whether you’re a seasoned team looking to sharpen skills, or an organization adopting incident response processes for the first time, we can help accelerate learning and growth.

Preparation is key!

Find out how incident response planning can prepare your organization for any challenge.