Robotics & Embedded Systems Cybersecurity

Individually and as a whole, the embedded systems underlying your devices bring cybersecurity complexity that requires proactive, careful attention.

Embedding security into embedded systems.

Historically, cybersecurity has not been prioritized during the design and manufacture of devices built using embedded systems, such as robots, medical devices, vehicles, and appliances.

As use of these devices continues to grow in the manufacturing, military, medical, eldercare, and automated vehicle markets, cybersecurity must take an increasingly prominent role.

Evaluating and architecting embedded system cybersecurity must occur at the hardware, firmware/OS, and application levels. Rule4 takes a comprehensive approach to this challenge, bringing years of embedded systems experience to the problem.

Among other things, we seek to answer these questions:
  • What are the risks if the device is compromised? How do we lower those risks?

  • How would we know if the device has been compromised?

  • How is communication with the device secured?

  • How are patches/updates applied to the device, ensuring every device is included?

  • What happens to the data once it’s offloaded from the device?

  • How will the device be managed and secured in the field?

Clear visibility into every layer is key to success.

One of the keys to success with embedded system cybersecurity is having clear visibility into the operational status of every layer, including the devices, their communications gateway, and API and other integrations within the organization. Rule4 can not only assist with designing and deploying solutions, but also with assessing and operating existing environments.

Embedded, but not forgotten!

Let’s make sure the systems behind your devices are secure.