Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)

Putting a security backbone into application development.

Development without security is like building a house without using a hammer.

Historically, security-related actions were only performed during the testing phase of a traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC). When security is incorporated into every phase of the cycle — in a secure SDLC (SSDLC) — organizations see a noticeable reduction in vulnerabilities. An SSDLC methodology is the backbone of a sound application security program.

The benefits of a security-centered approach include:
  • A clear understanding of security tradeoffs

  • Identifying possible improvements to workflow or interface design

  • Cultivating greater stakeholder security awareness

  • Reducing vulnerabilities and detecting system flaws early

  • Security designed into the application from the beginning

Don't just sprinkle security on top; bake it in.

We’ll help you integrate security-related actions into each phase of development, from the initial stories and requirements, to secure coding methodologies, to lean security testing. Whether you’re an agile, scrum, waterfall, or kanban shop, we can bring the tooling, culture, and methodology to make your team embrace cybersecurity as part of their workflow.

It’s time to add that extra “s” onto SDLC.

We’re here to help integrate security into every stage of your organization’s development lifecycle.