Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Reliability isn’t too much to ask, regardless of complexity.

Highly reliable infrastructure is crucial for access to mission-critical applications.

With both cloud-native and edge-native applications becoming commonplace, highly reliable infrastructure is crucial for access to mission-critical applications. The advent of flexible technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) is ending the era of discrete network components — and opening the door for both opportunity and challenge. It’s now possible to design and operate large, geographically diverse technology stacks at a high level of availability (and a reasonable price), but it’s also possible to misapply these same technologies and end up with a solution that doesn’t meet minimum business requirements.

We can help cut through roadblocks.

Rule4 has a team of senior infrastructure engineers (including CCIE-certified) that understand mission-critical infrastructure and how to achieve reliability even in situations where equipment from multiple vendors (and termination in multiple datacenters/cloud providers) is necessary. We can help cut through roadblocks and work with your IT, network, security, and business teams to shape an environment that delivers on its reliability promise.

One aspect of designing and understanding reliable infrastructure is thorough testing of all paths and possible failure modes. We can work with your team to model and test the reliability of new or existing infrastructure to identify any gaps or weaknesses. It’s always better to identify a problem during a controlled test than on a day when it will have a catastrophic impact on the business.

Let’s make reliability a reality!

We’ll help you build a network your organization and your customers can count on.