If there’s one truth in life, it’s that our world is never static. The technology landscape is no exception. With the ever-increasing pace of innovation and new applications, building and maintaining a competitive advantage requires always leaping into new technology. Our services enhance your team and help your organization move forward.

Industrial IoT/Operational Technology

  • IIoT Cybersecurity
  • IIoT Strategy and Architecture
  • IIoT Monitoring and Operations
  • IoMT Cybersecurity
  • Industrial Control Network Design and Implementation
  • SCADA Security

Artificial Intelligence

  • ML Ecosystem Architecture
  • AI Ecosystem
  • AI/ML Cybersecurity
  • AI Strategy/Roadmap Development
  • AI/ML Operations

Site Reliability Engineering

  • SRE as a Service
  • Network Reliability Engineering and Testing
  • Environment Performance Optimization
  • Linux Architecture
  • Infrastructure Scalability and Performance
  • SRE for Serverless Environments
  • Serverless Computing Strategy
  • SRE Tool Selection and Deployment
  • Container Operations


  • Automation-First Strategy
  • IT Infrastructure Automation
  • CI/CD Build/Deploy/Operate — Cloud Automation
  • IT Process Automation
  • Automated Test Design/Deploy

IT Evolution and Transformation

  • Analytics Design and Implementation
  • IT Effectiveness
  • Microservices Strategy
  • Independent Post-Incident Review
  • Container Architecture
  • Web 3.0
  • Legacy Application Lifecycle Analysis
  • Serverless Computing Strategy
  • Hyperscale Cloud Architecture and Implementation
  • Container Migration
  • Opensource Tools
  • Infrastructure Proof-of-Concept Development

Specialized Cybersecurity Domains

  • Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Cyber Lifecycle Planning and Management
  • Linux Cybersecurity
  • API Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Effectiveness
  • Big Data Forensics
  • API Forensics
  • Application Forensics
  • Blockchain Forensics
  • Genomics Security
  • E-commerce Security Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Container Security
  • Renewable Energy Systems Monitoring and Security
  • Serverless Computing Security and Operations
  • Application Security Profiling as a Service
  • Database Security
  • PCI Strategy/Audit Prep
  • Blockchain Strategy
  • Edge Cybersecurity