Linux Architecture & Engineering

Harnessing the power of Linux.

Linux has become ubiquitous in both enterprise and mission-critical, real-time environments.

As with any tool, knowing how to correctly apply and maintain Linux is the key to success. Organizations want to achieve the highest level of opensource interoperability, reliability, and performance while maintaining the speed and ease of deployment provided by the Linux ecosystem.

Depending on your current phase in the lifecycle, your organization may benefit from one of the following services to help achieve a best-practices architecture for your Linux environment:

  • Design, migration, and implementation. We’ll model your future Linux environment on business needs and create detailed architectural documentation that will guide its deployment and ongoing operations in either on-prem or cloud environments. If you’re migrating from an existing environment, we’ll also perform detailed migration planning, focused on a zero-downtime migration path. Implementation often involves pilot or proof-of-concept phases to reduce risk and test-drive new infrastructure before go-live to reduce overall risk.

  • Health check. We’ll help you thoroughly understand your Linux environment’s physical, technical, and business health. This often includes an architectural study of the current environment that includes best-practices comparison and quantitative measurements of performance and availability metrics to clearly communicate the current state.

  • Capacity planning. After examining current quantitative and qualitative performance and business satisfaction, we’ll evaluate the ongoing capacity needs of your network, storage, and servers and lay out a roadmap for long-term growth, which may include architectural elements such as auto-scaling and on-demand resources.

  • Mission-critical Linux environment support (and Linux downtime crisis support). For organizations depending on mission-critical applications, downtime can result in a corporate crisis. We’ll provide technical guidance and hands-on support during acute situations, and work with your organization to establish a going-forward architecture and strategy that reduce Linux downtime.

Rule4 literally wrote the book on Linux administration.

We have two of the primary authors of the “Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook,” fifth edition, on staff. This definitive, valuable reference has been translated into over 30 languages and is the worldwide best seller in its space.

A powerful resource at your fingertips.

We’ll put our Linux expertise to work for your organization.