DevOps Methodology & Effectiveness

Making IT more effective and efficient should always be a goal.

Increase speed and accuracy with DevOps methodology.

When implemented correctly, DevOps methodology can increase speed and accuracy, and can lift mundane operational tasks from the shoulders of IT personnel, freeing them to tackle higher value and more interesting problems. While discrete automation targets can always be identified, adopting a DevOps-first methodology will light the afterburner on your efforts.

DevOps changes the discussion about what’s possible with automation. It reframes business requirements and expands the scope where automation is possible. It also embraces continuous improvement by codifying a cycle of data collection, analysis, and ongoing refinement of the technology ecosystem.

The three keys to succeeding with DevOps:
  • Show, don’t tell. Don’t spend months in meetings planning and talking about how great DevOps is. Instead, pick a few low-hanging targets, implement them, and share the results with the organization.

  • Take sacred cows out to dinner — literally and figuratively. We’ve all experienced the challenging team or platform that “can’t be automated.” Spend time building personal relationships with those stakeholders. Show them how their jobs can be easier and more fulfilling in a DevOps-focused world, and get them involved in hands-on learning with the tools.

  • Build a framework that solves the general problem. Rather than picking a platform that solves one specific automation challenge, focus on finding the right general platform that can be used for a variety of tasks.

DevOps done right.

Let’s find ways to lift your organization with automation.