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What our clients say

  • “The Rule4 team has been a joy to work with. The team speaks about complex security and compliance concepts in a clear, understandable way. They are very well-organized, and their pen test process is very methodical and comprehensive.”
  • "Rule4 finds an appropriate balance between managing risk with strong security practices and policies and keeping in mind the needs of the business. They've helped us develop a security roadmap that works with our budget, our staff, and our security objectives."
  • “Highly skilled and technical. Great communicators."
  • “Very attentive, thorough, big-picture thinkers; communicative with clients to discover what you want/need.”
  • “Great customer service and quick response when we have issues or questions. Highly knowledgeable in IT areas where we’ve needed help.”
  • “Knowledgeable, with a great service ethic.”
  • “Great support — always there when we need them!”
  • “Great communication. Flexible.”
  • “The team was professional, timely, and provided a great experience.”
  • “Works with us to get the best solution in place.”
  • “Responsive, good to work with. Did a fantastic job on our pen test with a very easy to understand report at the end!”
  • “Solid findings and insights by reasonable people.”
  • “Great people. Always willing to go the extra mile.”
  • “Practical and helpful advice. We’re treated with patience and respect ... a responsive and honoring style.”
  • “Excellent service, and competent people who care about the success of their clients.”

Our team

We’re a clever band of foxes, quick and curious. We’re entrepreneurs, thought leaders, creatives, and engineers. Together, we’re fierce in the face of tough challenges.