OT / ICS / SCADA Cybersecurity Assessment

NERC CIP, NIST 800-82, ISO 27019, and more ...

For too long, the OT/ICS/SCADA operating environment was ignored as a potential attack target.

With critical infrastructure cyber attacks on the rise, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that these environments are well-secured and positioned to be resilient.

Assessing the cybersecurity profile of an OT/ICS/SCADA environment requires deep knowledge in both cybersecurity and control systems. Protecting the integrity and availability of the control environment must be accomplished with awareness of device capabilities, limitations, and function. Rule4 brings decades of industrial control experience to the table with a practical approach to cybersecurity.

We align our efforts to OT-specific cybersecurity frameworks such as:
  • NIST 800-82
  • ISO 27019
  • ISA/IEC 62443

This approach ensures that your organization receives comprehensive guidance based on industry best practices.

We understand the challenges that OT faces. We can help you identify and reduce risk, including appropriate communication strategies with traditional IT.

Shine a light on your environment.

Let's assess and strengthen your environment's cybersecurity profile.