Container & Serverless Architecture

Making containers work for your organization.

Adoption of a container-focused architectural strategy removes traditional barriers between development and IT operations while maximizing infrastructure flexibility.

In addition to helping everyone better understand how applications should be designed and deployed, containers:
  • Utilize available infrastructure resources more efficiently.
  • Facilitate use of a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy, reducing dependence on any given facility or provider.
  • Increase ease of upgrade, updates, and debugging.
  • Increase resiliency and scalability (with orchestration tools such as Kubernetes [k8s]).
  • Simplify transaction message routing.
  • Simplify resource cost management.

Collaboration is rarely wasted effort, especially when it comes to container ops.

Many organizations deploy containers as a tool for IT operations, but Rule4 understands that it’s important to work closely with development, operations, and business groups to maximize efficiency gains. We’ll educate all of your teams on container technology, create a practical, understandable container environment architecture that lays a long-term foundation for success, and then help your organization deploy the chosen container solutions in your production or mission-critical environment.

There’s a lot to unpack.

Let’s work together to get the most out of your container architecture.