DR/BCP Development

Preparing for the worst can help your business reduce risk and weather any storm — literally and figuratively.

You can't control everything, but you can prepare for almost anything.

A well-constructed IT disaster recovery and business continuity plan (DR/BCP) is essential for every business, to reduce risk and ensure that the organization can survive a significant disaster event. DR/BCP plans also help achieve regulatory compliance and meet customer demands or internal objectives to achieve business viability.

Unfortunately, DR/BCP planning and development often doesn’t get the attention or resources it needs to provide value beyond meeting a compliance checkbox. It’s easier to stay focused on any immediate, tangible problems and dismiss the hypothetical. But we believe that mature, professional technology leadership requires thoughtful DR/BCP planning and regular plan testing.

Rule4 will establish and test a comprehensive IT disaster recovery and business continuity plan that:
  • Identifies business impacts of a disaster
  • Identifies teams, roles, and responsibilities
  • Identifies practical recovery approaches and procedures
  • Establishes reasonable and achievable RTOs and RPOs
  • Documents appropriate recovery workflow
  • Identifies gaps in required resources to achieve agreed-upon RTOs and RPOs
  • Recommends solutions to reduce or mitigate gaps in restoration capabilities

Planning can be painful, but having a plan is priceless.

We’ll help your team build a plan that will guide your organization’s response in any circumstances, from a flood to a pandemic.