Application Forensics

A complex, specialized discipline.

Trace the origin of the attack.

When you suspect that an application has been compromised or a data breach has occurred, it’s important to act quickly to preserve evidence and identify the root cause. Application forensics involves forensic examination of applications and their contents (such as logs, security event monitoring, databases, and config files) to trace the origin of the attack.

There are a number of specific attributes that make application forensics a specialized discipline:
  • Modern-day applications are often distributed across multiple servers, or even multiple datacenters or cloud providers.
  • Applications are often mission-critical for the business, and cannot be taken offline for image capture and investigation.
  • Applications are often backed by large databases that reside on a complex storage layer with many physical disks.
  • Application attacks don’t naturally leave a trail of evidence like other forms of attack.
  • Application forensics and incident response requires a comprehensive understanding of application security issues — this is a specialized knowledge base.

Highly qualified experts

Deep skills in evidence collection, forensic analysis, and data recovery are essential in the early stages of the incident investigation. Rule4 applies its expertise in application security, forensic software, and protocols to perform evidence collection and preservation in the wake of a breach.

Suspect a compromise?

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