Becky Farr


B.S., Journalism, and J.D. (University of Colorado Boulder); LL.M., Taxation (New York University); FEMA NIMS ICS

Becky Farr is an integral member of Rule4’s Client Services Team. Her career in journalism, law, and now tech has encompassed writing and editing in a variety of contexts, beginning at newspaper copy desks and extending into more than a decade as a nonprofit attorney, where clear communication and writing were key to success. 

At Rule4, Becky helps produce concise, consistent deliverables and marketing content, and her fundamental goal as an editor is to ensure that documents are readable and digestible for anyone, regardless of their technical background. She also leverages her law experience to help manage sales proposals and contracts. In that capacity, Becky supports the Rule4 team in focusing on client happiness from the beginning of the relationship, and she continues to advocate for quality and client satisfaction in other processes along the trail. Becky also continues to pursue professional development opportunities in legal areas relevant to Rule4’s clients.

Outside of work, Becky loves spending time with her young son, getting outside as much as possible, doing yoga, and sampling craft beers. She remains committed to serving nonprofits and serves on the board of a local food pantry.

Fox Trivia

Favorite piece of outdoor gear:

I always need a hat!

I'm inspired by:

My kiddo, who reminds me to find the joy in little things

A quote I live by:

"If you don't like the road you're on, start paving a new one." — Dolly Parton

My favorite adventure:

Living in Manhattan for a year

Book recommendation:

Anything by Ruth Reichl

Dream job in an alternate universe:

Baking all day, every day