Beth McElroy


B.A., Psychology (Middlebury College); M.A., Journalism (University of Colorado Boulder); CPTC – Foundation, FEMA NIMS ICS

Beth McElroy is a Senior Technical Editor at Rule4. A longtime technical writer, editor, and project manager, Beth has nearly 30 years of experience delivering top-quality content. She compiles, writes, and edits material for IT security and compliance assessments, security policies, incident reports, and other client deliverables, as well as for sales, marketing, and internal documentation.

As an important player in Rule4’s quality-assurance process, Beth makes sure all Rule4 documents are grammatically correct and conform to our house style or a client-specific style. She also ensures content is presented in a manner appropriate to the audience’s level of technical understanding and in a digestible, accessible form suited to modern readers.

Beth’s career in tech came about unexpectedly. While attending graduate school for journalism she took a part-time job at a tech startup back when most people had never heard of email or the Internet. She completed her journalism degree, but decided that building websites and helping companies connect to the Internet would be a more rewarding path than newspaper reporting. After roles in web development and project management, Beth settled into the role of technical writer and editor, marrying her passion for words with the fast-paced, dynamic challenges of cybersecurity.

Outside of work, Beth enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, reading, and eating New Mexican food.

Fox Trivia

Favorite part of camping:

Coffee at sunrise

What I love about being a fox:

My super-smart co-workers

Book recommendation:

"The Overstory" by Richard Powers

My favorite adventure:

Hiking the Tour Du Mont Blanc

A life lesson I’ve had to learn more than once:

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Favorite piece of outdoor gear:

My hiking boots