Haley Berry


B.A. in English Writing (Concordia College), University of Denver Publishing Institute; CPTC – Foundation, FEMA NIMS ICS

Haley Berry is Co-Founder and Chief Client Officer at Rule4. She came into the tech industry with more than a decade of experience in book publishing, where her work included writing, editing, project management, art direction, marketing, and print production and purchasing. Prior to Rule4, she spent her first years in tech as a senior technical writer at an infrastructure, security, and opensource consulting services provider, helping create and manage contracts and client deliverables. 

At Rule4, Haley focuses on building and improving processes that support project outcomes and the client experience. Much of Rule4’s rigorous quality assurance program for deliverables is grounded in her editorial and design experience. She also facilitates Rule4’s marketing and PR initiatives, client outreach, and contracting.

Haley spearheaded Rule4’s successful B Corp certification process as a startup, and continues to lead ongoing commitments to that community.

Outside the office, Haley loves to read, cook, hike, play pickleball, go to yoga, spend time with friends and family, and take road trips.

Fox Trivia

Favorite part of camping:

Finding a nearby body of water for a refreshing dunk after a day on the trail

Favorite video game:


A life lesson I've had to learn more than once:

Control is an illusion.

My happy place:

Cloud Peak Wilderness

Favorite piece of outdoor gear:

My dad’s Old Timer pocket knife

I’m a sucker for:

A well-timed pun