Jake Everett


B.A., Information Technology, with a minor in Technical Communication (University of North Texas); Associate of Applied Science, Software Development (Brookhaven College); NSA/DHS CAE-CDE Cybersecurity Certificate; FEMA NIMS ICS

Before diving into his education and career in technology, Jake served in the U.S. Marine Corps, including two tours in Iraq, and has volunteered for Warrior’s Keep, a veteran’s charity. He’s inspired by people who keep going against all odds, such as Ernest Shackleton and Louis Zamperini.

Before joining the Rule4 den, Jake worked in IT support roles that involved incident response, system administration, hardware and account provisioning, device configuration, technical documentation, and security analysis. He was hooked on cybersecurity when he competed in the National Cyber League, and he shifted his career accordingly. His technical background paired with his analytical nature and penchant for problem solving serve him well in an industry where voracious learners thrive.

An avid reader and writer, Jake hopes to someday be a published author. He loves to cozy up with a good book or tinker with a new Raspberry Pi project, but he’s equally passionate about the outdoors, especially camping and hiking. He also enjoys attending music festivals and counts Bonnaroo and Electric Forest among his favorites.

Fox Trivia

Favorite part of camping:


What I love about being a fox:

Learning new things every day!

Favorite author:

Dean Koontz

Top nerd cred:

I set up and networked a cluster of four Raspberry Pis and ran a lightweight Kubernetes (k3s) on them just for fun.

Favorite podcast:

Stuff You Should Know

Favorite dog breed:

Irish Setter