Mateo Chavez


Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity (Front Range Community College); CompTIA A+, FEMA NIMS ICS

Mateo Chavez was always on a path toward working with technology, and having his personal data breached was a great motivator to pursue a career in cybersecurity as a way to help make the online world a safer place for everyone. 

Mateo originally joined Rule4 as a summer intern, helping out with internal projects such as overhauling the company’s evidence storage process, refining forensics lab operations, and reconfiguring servers. In his current role, he’s focused on helping clients keep their data and systems private and secure.

Mateo lived in five states before the age of 8, but he eventually landed in Colorado and considers it his home state. Outside of work he likes to repair and disassemble computers and other electronics, as well as play open-world games. He also enjoys getting out and exploring new places. When he can, he attends events at his former high school, Prospect Ridge Academy, to show his support and reconnect with his mentors.

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Favorite part of camping:

The crisp morning air

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My mom's resilience

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Playing video games all day!

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The WAN Show

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