Randy Else


B.A., Economics (University of Colorado Boulder); CISSP, PCI QSA (2009 – 2018), FEMA NIMS ICS

Randy Else is Chief Architect of Rule4. Randy is nationally recognized as an authority on architecting and securing multi-vendor enterprise networks. He works with clients to debug complex issues across carriers and protocols, from multicast to SDWAN, regularly solving the unsolvable. 

Randy has more than three decades of experience encompassing networking, architecture strategy, business development, and recruiting. Prior to joining Rule4, he worked for XOR, Inc. (now part of FICO) and AppliedTrust (now part of Flexential), where he focused on network security, infrastructure, and compliance. 

Away from the office, Randy loves to ski, listen to music, watch movies, and ride his motorcycle, mountain bike, and road bike. He also enjoys a round of golf and an afternoon at the driving range.

Fox Trivia

My favorite adventure:

A week-long mountain bike tour through the mountains near Sun Valley, Idaho

Book recommendation:

"Haunted: A Novel" by Chuck Palahniuk

Favorite dog breed:

Any retriever that actually retrieves

Favorite Taco Bell menu item:

Cheesy Gordita Crunch

My happy place:

Snowmass on a powder day

Chosen career path as a kid:

Federal Reserve Chairman