Shelby Burnette


B.S., Cybersecurity (University of North Georgia); SSCP, FEMA NIMS ICS

As a Senior Engineer at Rule4, Shelby Burnette puts his knowledge of Windows and Linux systems, scripting, and computer forensics and log analysis to use across a wide range of client projects. He finds cybersecurity engaging because as the exponential increase in cyber threats continues, there’s always something new to learn that will allow him to help others manage risk, protect their systems and data, and recover from an incident. He’s particularly interested in IIoT and industrial control system security.

In his free time you can find Shelby doing just about anything outside, including biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping, and he also maintains a daily weight-training regimen. He’s also a former competitor in the NSA Codebreaker Challenge, Hack the Box, and the National Cyber League. Shelby is passionate about supporting the Ability Experience, a philanthropic initiative that empowers people living with disabilities.

Fox Trivia

Favorite part of camping:

Setting up camp

I'm inspired by:

My grandfather

What I love about being a fox:

Great people!

Book recommendation:

"Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius

My favorite adventure:

Driving across the country to move to Colorado!

Favorite dog breed:

German shepherd