Core Values

Life first.

Make time to address health, personal, and family needs, and support coworkers and clients doing the same. Know when to ask for help.

Help clients shine.

Help clients make the world a better place, embrace their vision, and help them achieve their mission. Advocate for, follow up with, and provide unprecedented support.

Accept the challenge. Be resilient AF.

The only easy day was yesterday. Appreciate hard problems and the opportunity to learn from mistakes. Be persistent.

Curate long-term success.

Invest in clients, colleagues, and yourself. Build trust with each interaction, and cultivate unprecedented client relationships. Extend trust. Embrace intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning.

Live passionately.

Do the things you love, in and out of work. Be a happy human.

Do what’s right.

Integrity and honesty are never in question. Treat everyone with respect and as you want to be treated. Act ethically.

Embrace collaboration.

Listen to each other, raise concerns, and ask for feedback. Be willing to embrace ideas that are not your own. Work to understand client perspectives. Offer solutions.

Instill excellence in everything.

Focus on quality above all else and demand excellence from yourself and your fox family. Good enough isn’t.

Give back.

Help those in need, support our community, and leave a legacy worthy of a fox. Do good in the world. Find happiness in giving.

Blaze the trail.

Untracked powder lies ahead. Point your skis downhill, pick a line, take a breath…and go.