Drew Port

Director, Operations

Drew Port is Director of Operations at Rule4. Drew previously worked in the IT side of the oil and gas industry, focused on supply chain and enterprise asset management. In this role he explored augmented reality solutions, automation, mobile solutions, data architecture, configuration and custom dashboards, and application testing. His experience also includes work in architecture planning, photography and videography, and media and technology contracting.

Drew holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and computer information systems, with minors in cybersecurity and innovation & entrepreneurship, from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma.

Cybersecurity blends two of Drew’s main passions: people and technology. He enjoys the fast-paced, often high-pressure problem solving and communication demanded by his work with Rule4’s clients, particularly incident response and security assessments. As tech evolves and continues to become more integrated into our lives, this industry provides never-ending opportunities for learning that makes it a candy store for curious, voracious minds like Drew’s.

When he’s not immersing himself in tech, Drew loves anything and everything that gets him outside and into the mountains. The odds are high you’ll find him dangling from ropes in the summer or carving fresh tracks when it’s snowing — and taking plenty of pictures along the way.