Our Mission:

Build an extraordinary, enduring organization that has positive impact on the world and brings happiness to our clients and staff.

To prove we’re serious about prioritizing the greater good and placing people before profit, we’ve achieved full certification as a B Corporation. This higher standard helps shape our operations and business model, keeping us from falling into the typical single-minded focus on shareholder interest and instead helping us maintain broad, inclusive visibility into the impacts on our staff, our clients, the community, and the environment. It pushes us to be better across the board — no excuses. We’re proud of this commitment, and we hope you’ll recognize it as one of our many strengths.

As part of the B Corp process, we’ve laid our legal foundation as a public benefit corporation aimed at creating material, positive, general public benefit, including but not limited to:

  • Applying technology in a way that benefits humankind
  • Promoting technological well-being in the community
  • Advancing public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of various technological innovations
  • Promoting purpose-driven, transparent, and equitable corporate management

To learn more about this global B Corp movement, check out bcorporation.net.